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Aside from the front and rear mic jacks, other ways to get my mic to work?

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April 5, 2017 9:03:59 AM

Both the rear and the front doesn't seem to work for whatever reason. I repeatedly check the recording settings, uninstall and reinstall drivers, tried different mics, none of them works. Which is really weird because they were fin a week ago and the audio is working just fine.

Anyway, what options do i have to get a functioning mic working on my computer?

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April 5, 2017 9:49:48 AM

There are also inexpensive usb soundcards as well if changing settings does not work.
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April 5, 2017 9:59:50 AM

i am assuming the microphone is 3.5mm?
i am assuming the microphone is plug and play? (no need for phantom power, etc)
i am assuming you had those microphones working on this computer?

when uninstalling then reinstalling drivers did you restart the pc? have you tried a different version of the drivers? are you sure you completely removed them first

have you changed anything on your pc since it was working correctly? windows updates, drivers, new programs, etc?
if yes to the above, if everything was working a week ago, have you tried reverting your install back to that date?

what shows up under devices? have you made sure to click "hidden" and "disabled" on the right click menu to see if they show up there?
April 5, 2017 10:52:15 PM

Sorry I guess I haven't been thorough. It all basically stopped working when I was testing my new mic. I plugged it first in the front jack and it works fine. I then tried plugging it in the rear, to see if I might get better recording quality, but it doesn't work. I shrugged it off thinking I'll just use the front jack then it stopped working. I can't make it to work since. I tried using my headset with mic (the one I always use) and the mic doesn't work as well.

I tried:
Reinstalling, reverting, upgrading my drivers. No effect.
Make sure the mic is being detected and not disabled. They're being detected just fine.
System restore to an earlier version of windows update but nothing. There hasn't been any active windows update when my mic stopped working.
Making sure my mic aren't defective. They're fine. They work on my laptop.
I bought a usb sound card. The headset plug works but the mic doesn't. Tried on laptop again and it works fine.

However I found another way to record my voice. Discovered an app that allows me to use my phone as a microphone. I can use it to other applications as well like Skype. For now, I think this solution will do fine as I don't exactly use my microphone regularly. But in the end I might install a dedicated sound card.

But if you guys might have other solutions I still appreciate it. Thanks!
April 6, 2017 6:48:25 AM

in recording device settings if you speak into the mic do you see the input bar fluctuate like it picks you up? have you played with volume, gain, mute settings?

if you get the above, does recording in the simple windows sound recorder work? how about with stereo mix on?

what program do you normally use for recording? have you made sure that it is not a setting in that program that is off/changed?
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