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i have intel pentium dual core CPU t4300 @ 2.10 GHz processor to what i should upgrade it

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March 21, 2017 8:44:27 AM

I have HP Pavilion DV4 notebook Intel Pentium dual core CPU t4300 @ 2.10 GHz processor with 3 GB RAM and I want to upgrade it because this processor does not have VTx and I need VTx to install VMware workstation 12.
please help me and suggest me to solve this issue.


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July 20, 2017 6:54:42 AM

Hi.Recently i have upgrade the T4300 CPU with an T9600 CPU on ASUS notebok.It work perfectly.It is a same socket support BGA479,PGA478.The temperature on windows start is 42 degrees.The T9800 CPU work again but in a 10 degrees higher temperature.On test the maximum temperature vas 80 degrees.It is ok.The CPU work on 105 degrees maximum temperature.
The T4300 CPU is not soldered.
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September 2, 2017 2:13:40 PM

Maxmad plz hw did u achieved that?
December 6, 2017 2:20:45 PM

I owned the T9600 on a Mid 2009 MacBook Pro and while I also had Nvidia GeForce 9400m 256MB Integrated AND dedicated Nvidia GeForce 96000M GT 512MB dedicated we STILL happened to own a CTO HP g60 w/a similar T4200 and Intel GMA 4500M which I “guess” with Libva-Intel-driver can leverage H264 video decodes but man... it’s a stretch and hoping you even have Draft N WiFi abilities. I’m just curious with H265, VP9, and not even 8bit, but 10bit Main10 seemly “winning” the battle of successors to H264 etc that you even felt it worth it?

Especially when Intel 8th gen “U” Quad Core processors dropped already making any Dual Core “U” Kaby Lake PCs w/hardware support for 10bit H265 and VP9 drop in value if money was an issue? While our g60 has HDMI ports and upgrades to 4GB DDR2 800mhz maxing it out, and even a Sata II Samsung 470 256GBSSD getting 200MB/s+ read/writes it’s just nothing much but a quick email and browsing machine w/a subpar 1378x768 LCD for 720p video? At least an i7 3rd Gen Quad Core 3720QM or some machine like a 15” 2012-2013 would give you raw power to software decode and play H265 1080p or even single stream of 4K (if not 2) or even H264 4K and not hammer CPU having integrated Intel 4000HD CPU.

IDEALLY an Intel 5xxx GPU with Intel’s latest drivers can now leverage hybrid decodes of 10bit H265 (though I haven’t see much relief on CPU Cores from it), but point is it has raw horsepower to stay pertinent for several more years (maybe 2-3) after already being 5yrs+ old? No PCIe 2.0 x 2 but still Sata III SSD support? Just saying Intel 3rd gen Quad Core machine would have been my starting point. Still an interest build and applaud the resourcefulness, just question the purpose considering peripheral and WiFi support. Least 3 Antenna MIMO becomes options w/Intel 3rd gen Quad Core machine. Maybe even for under $400 or even better?
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