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Laptop IDE HDD Power Pin Out question

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March 19, 2017 2:25:39 PM

I have a drive (Toshiba 60GB 4200RPM IDE 2.5 inch Laptop Hard Drive (MK6021GAS)) from a Tosiba laptop. The laptop is dead and I want to get the data off the drive. I purchased a 44 to 40 pin adapter to allow me to place the drive in an old desktop, but the drive does not spin up when connected.
Information from the drive is:

Toshiba Disk Drive MK6021GAS
HDD2183 B ZE01 T
S/N 430A0411T 353 EC.A
60.00GB 8455MB

When connecting a laptop IDE drive to a desktop using an adapter which power pins are to be connected? I found a pin out at that shows pins 41 as +5VL (+5 VDC (Logic) and 42 as +5VM (+5 VDC (Motor)). Pin 43 is shown as GND (Ground) and Pin 44 is shown as /TYPE (Type (0=ATA)). The adapter that I have has connections only for pin 43 and 44 and when I connect the drive nothing happens, so I think I need an adapter that powers pins 41 and 42. Am I correct?

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a c 779 D Laptop
March 19, 2017 5:04:52 PM

Have you tried using an external connection (to USB port) rather than an internal one? This may get you better results.
March 20, 2017 3:24:20 PM

Thanks webworkings. I have ordered 2.5 ide to usb adapter as of this morning and will see if that makes any difference. I read on one of the forums (don't remember which one now) that jumper settings on the drive might be the problem. At present none of the pins are jumpered. I doubt this, since the drive does not show up in the BIOS list of connected devices, but I don't know for sure whether it would show if the jumpers were wrong. Do you know? I have set jumpers (master/slave) on other ide devices years ago, but without any documentation, I haven't a clue which pins should be capped..
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a c 779 D Laptop
March 20, 2017 8:50:38 PM

I don't think that is the problem. However, stranger things and all that. :) 
March 23, 2017 11:51:02 AM

Thanks webworkings for following this thread. The ide to usb adapter I ordered came yesterday and I have been able to access the drive. Unfortunately the files that I was hoping to be able to retrieve seem to be corrupted. I can see the file titles, but they won't display or copy. I'm using linux as the host and have had really good luck with using it for getting content off dying drives in the past, but not this time. Will try windows as the host. Not holding much hope at this point , but still trying. Do you know of any tools that give me a shot at retrieving/repairing a corrupted file?

Best solution

a c 779 D Laptop
March 23, 2017 12:54:16 PM

You can try running CHKDSK which should already be on your computer. To find out all the options you can type help chkdsk into the command prompt screen, then choose the best options for what you need.
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