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Acer Aspire 7750G-Charger disconnects while in game

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March 19, 2017 5:47:25 AM

Hello recently i bought this laptop like 3 months ago and i had charger problem from start,is not a new laptop,i changed the laptop charger 2 weeks ago no problem at all while gaming, and yesterday,again disconects the charger and i have flash lights on laptop
The lights that flash are:
- the power button light (blue)
- the blue light on the front, very left
- the orange battery light (second from the left)

When I disconnect the charger and plug it back in, I can again hear a beep sound and the flashing disappears for a while to then start again shortly after. The interval of this happening used to be 10 minutes. Now it happens every 5 minutes and is really annoying. When these lights are flashing, the battery in windows indicates that it is not being charged.

1) The battery
If I power off my laptop and charge my battery completely, I still get 80min of battery life out of it without having the charger connected. If the battery is charged and the charger is disconnected from my laptop, everything seems to be fine. No flashing appears.

2) The charger
The led is green on my charger. Not sure if that means it is ok.

The label says :
Model PA 1121 -04
Input 100 - 240 Volt 2.0A(2,0A) 50-60HZ
Output 19 Volt = 6.32A(6.32A)
0Z04336402 AC REV: A02

3) The motherboard, I tried the following:
- Shutdown my laptop
- Disconnect battery and charger
- push power button for 20 seconds
- plug in charger and battery
- start up again

Unfortunately, this did not fix the problem.

1) Buy a new charger (i did)
2) Battery isn't a problem
3) I heard that the whole wich i plug in the laptop could be a problem and i dont know where to buy it (sorry for my bad english)

Please respond as fast as you can

Kind regards!

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