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Search for Laptop 13-15 inch/700€/DotA2 and some Photo editing. Please help. Thanks! <3

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March 11, 2017 5:12:47 AM

Ayy! My PC broke down and thanks to this great forum I hesitate with buying a new PC. I was told to wait for the Rayzen, or atleast to wait for Intel dropping prices. So i thought maybe it's a good idea to buy a laptop in the meantime.

My Budget would be about 700€I will probably try to buy the laptop through a edu shop which could make it allot cheaper.

I would say 13-15 inch and full HD (1080p) would be nice for screen.

I'd probably travel with the laptop. Like going into a cafe, to friends, or take it with on vacation.

I would play some DotA 2 (i don't need the highest settings for it lmao) and probably sometimes some other games (which don't need to be on the highest settings).

I'd use the laptop for some photo editing and a little bit of video editing. But it can actually lag a bit n everything I don't care. I will use it as a second system anyway.

I'd say a about 500GB Hard Drive would be good.

I would probably try to find the laptop on a edu side or some deal somewhere.
(Living in Austria)

I would keep the laptop until it's dead. I would use it as my primary system for some months, until parts for my real primary system (desktop) would be cheap enough lmao.

I wouldn't need any optical drive.

I don't know much about brands. I had a laptop before with a firmware error which killed the laptop, 2 times.

Ayy I live in Austria!

This Laptop would be my primary system until I buy a new desktop PC.
I would take the laptop with me on occasions. I'd use it for some photo editing. I'd use it for some DotA 2. I would watch many series and YouTube with it.
So the screen should be decent at least lmao. It would be nice if it had some ergonomic keyboard or something but I don't really care. I don't know anything about the track/touchpad either, I heard the bigger the better ayy?

Thanks for everyone who's kind enough to help!

More about : search laptop inch 700 dota2 photo editing

March 11, 2017 8:11:51 AM

Thanks for the Link!
But I will w8 until I have some more answers to decide which one I take, and which are good.

Btw here is a edu side I talked about
Maybe someone can look into it and tell me which laptops are worth their price! Thanks.
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