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Removing a stripped T5 Torx Scew on a laptop casing?

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January 1, 2017 4:51:41 PM

I have an ASUS N550JK and I'm trying to open it up because the screen keeps flickering on and off, but it appears that one of the screws is stripped. It's a t5 torx screw and I've tried using the rubber band, duct tape, and super glue methods, but my screwdriver just rips through the first two and the hole in the stripped screw is too small to contain enough super glue to stick to my screwdriver.

Here's what the screw looks like (two pictures):

It's not poking out so it's hard to get a grip on it at all. I don't have any power tools (and I really don't want to make any permanent damages to the laptop cover) and I don't know what to do =(
Anybody have any ideas?

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January 1, 2017 5:09:26 PM

you'll need to make a groove for a tip to get a bite on it. I also always try to slightly tighten the screw before loosening it. Gentle pressure is the key.

Another way would be to go to a Hobby shop, one that builds RC vehicles. They'll have the tools and skills to remove the screw too.

Best solution

January 1, 2017 5:12:17 PM

If I really can't get pliers on it in any sort of fashion without messing something else up, and I can't safely grind anything on the head of it, or weld to it (typical with small items), I use epoxy and a sacrificial screw driver and let the epoxy set over night. JBWeld or something thick like that works best so it does accidentally run over onto the item, tape to protect the surface the item is best just in case. Obviously don't do this to a screw driver you care about, as if you do it with JBWeld you won't get it back. If you use epoxy, sometimes you can chip it off and it will be ok. Super glue just isn't strong enough to get out stubborn screws.

That's the only last ditch method I got for you. Like I said though to have any hope, let it cure, don't rush it.
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January 1, 2017 5:27:53 PM

I would suggest a screw remover, but I do not think they are made that small.
you tried superglue, try JB weld quick formula. you will want to distress the screw to give the epoxy a tooth to grab. using sandpaper remove the finished surface on the screw, so that the epoxy adheres to bare metal. sacrifice a screwdriver or any other torque ready material and attach it with the epoxy. the epoxy says quick but let it cure for a day before torquing it. you will need a new screw to replace this one.

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