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Is There Any Software That Can Emulate That MANLY Voice We Hear When You Go To The Movies And Listen To New Trailers

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November 7, 2016 8:25:11 AM

YES THAT'S RIGHT I asked for it. I've got a very animated sequence of videos to edit and combine for this Christmas season all wrapped into 1 video and it needs to sound as professional as possible to keep my viewers engaged. The closest that I've found besides hiring a professional by the hour for the illustration is Another source I've found useful is an ios app called Trailer Voice in the AppStore/MacAppStore

These are both very nice, but I am in need of an app or software that can say exactly what I want to say in my own words. I AM very familiar with sound shaping plugins/VST that could work if properly tweaked, but at the moment I am pressed for time and I want to jump into the animation process full swing. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated, even if it involves pricey software considering that I am always creating sequences and to be able to have a software that can make me sound like a professional announcer (be it text speech that sounds completely natural or software to sound like the software I mentioned above) would be a great asset to behold and would also speed up my workflow without having to tamper with thousands of programs to achieve that professional quality output every videographer wants to promote.

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November 7, 2016 8:38:02 AM

I saw a piece on tv some time ago about the guy who does most of the movie trailer narration. He is highly sough after and well compensated. (He may be retired by now and someone else is the go-to guy). If there was software that could make Pee Wee Herman sound like the movie trailer guy, then a guy with a golden voice could be easily replaced by a cheap intern.

The day will probably come when such software exists, but for now you probably have to rely on EQing, De-Essing, Reverb, etc. to get your voice to sound better.

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November 7, 2016 10:24:40 AM

If there was a program to make anyone sound like a pro announcer don't you think that studios would be using that instead of hiring voice actors? You have autotune of-course, you can change a lot of options in that. Seems to work for rappers trying to sing and quite a few packaged "singers".

I'm pretty sure the most famous guy that did the movie trailers passed away a few years ago.
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