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no wireless module found.

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November 2, 2016 2:27:20 AM

i have purchased A 2nd hand laptop - cq61,windows 10- only to find it had no wireless module foind on it , it says at start up, so cannot connect it to internet, which is making my life and fixing it quite hard and have been gettng the run around & getting passed bkwards n forwards from microsoft and hp bcoz i am pc illiterate and they cannot remotely access the pc - due to no internet connectivity- to re fix this problem and its driving me crazy.
how can i fix this ? especially being unable to access network connections

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November 2, 2016 2:54:22 AM

Check manual for a key press combination to turn on and off WiFi module or may have a switch on the side like my Toshiba. If there's no such thing or it doesn't do anything, WiFi module may be bad which is quite possible considering it's second hand.
November 3, 2016 8:50:50 PM

Yeah, thats the sorta luck that i seem to have with anything & everything technicological. lol. - its embarrasing to say but would you believe that i actually had bought 7 laptops all up over a weekend period just recently, (as microsoft tech support said i had to have a "working pc" in my possession b4 they could assist in fixing my initial pc problem that id encountered) - all @$100 each, from individual sellers off of gumtree local clasifieds,so needless to say that im now the proud owner [not] of 8 pcs that dont work - but on the upside, i rekon that il be gettn a xmas card this year from my new family at the microsoft answer desk - LOL.
BUT thanx heaps for yr reply countmike.
(i can press the manual button on the top of the keyboard up newar the pwr button as much as i like & it still stays orange.)
So far, i have clean installed windows 10 with microsoft (or they did 4 me i jst had to press a cpl of buttons wen they said to)- no fix.
then have followed a lota other instructions from microsoft answer desk & tech support too- no fix.
then hp support online and via phonecall have all said the pc id bought not compatible with win 10,
so bk 2 microsoft who clean reinstalled win 7 - no fix
as still no other network adapters on my device mngr except the family 1 - evn tho hp have been giving me downloads to install by disk onto it- which i have done-but still not showing up in my device mngr network adapters
so .... ???
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November 4, 2016 12:24:43 AM

Now you know why they were such "Bargoon" computers. You may be better of trying at manufacturers sites instead of MS "Help" desk. Get manuals for laptops, preferably shop/service manual. Network and WiFi are usually in own modules inside and can be changed.

Best solution

November 4, 2016 1:03:17 AM

In my experience, older HP laptops had a bad reputation on the wireless side - - the wireless adapter would pack up after a few years - - WiFi indicator stays stuck on orange and the adapter disappears from Device Manager.

No amount of key pressing will make any difference when it's not even shown in Device manager as it means the adapter has died.

Easiest fix is to buy a USB WiFi adapter which is what I did on my granddaughter's HP laptop some years ago.
They're available in short 'nano' types now so they don't stick out like the old ones.
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