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Razer Hammerhead Pro mic not working on pc

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September 10, 2016 7:45:56 AM

Hey, my Hammerhead's microphone is working correctly on mobile(i think). But when it comes to my computers it does not work on any of them. Unfortunately i dont know a thing about audio systems therefore i cant find anything else to submit. I hope you guys can get me somewhere to start solving it.

Thank you.

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September 10, 2016 9:35:45 AM

First you need to determine whether or not it is working via your mobile or elsewhere.

If you can establish that the microphone (and everything esle) is working correctly then that points to some problem with your computers.

Probably a configuration issue as it is unlikely that there would be some physical problem with all of your computers.

If the Hammerhead does not fully work anywhere then it may be broken.

Try working alone the wires wiggling and gently twisting them to see if the microphone starts to work. Pay special attention to the adapter/splitter. It could be the problem (microphone side). Use another microphone to directly test the computer(s) microphone port to ensure that the port is indeed working.

Need to narrow down the possibilities.
September 10, 2016 10:15:22 AM

The microphone im pointing on is the supposed one. When i set that as default the mic does not send my voice to others but it echos theirs.

And before starting narrowing the list i need to clearify these;

*Microphone is plugged in the port called "Mic In" is this the right one? as i can not see any other ports that says or has an emblem of microphone.

*How can i be sure that its working on any other devices. Can you suggest an app or something to make sure of it?

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September 10, 2016 10:37:03 AM

You should be able to plug in the microphone to any device with a matching microphone port (3.5mm or 1/8") to record sound. See if you can record your voice via that device.

Yes. You do want "mic-in" but there are probably two ports: at least one on the motherboard and one on the soundcard. Some computers may have additional mic-in ports on the front as well as the back.

The screen is indicating that the Siberia V2 is the active microphone. Double check where you plugged it in.

Then check and change the Configuration and Properties as necessary with respect to the mic-in port that you are using.

Look carefully: sometimes you need to go a bit deeper into the screens and that is not always real apparent.

September 10, 2016 11:17:56 AM

Okay so the microphone is working but the sound of it comes from a bit far(dont know how to put it as not a native english speaker) and its goes same with all the hammerhead pro microphones. And when recording on PC it doesnt captures my voice instead it captures the voice im running on background teamspeak etc.

It's plugged in mobo's rear ports. I dont have a soundcard other than mobo's dedicated one SupremeFX Formula 2014

At the time of being i was just taking the ScreenShot so nothing wrong with that.

Im sorry but i didnt exactly understand what you wanted me to do in here :S Can you put it in a way that a peasant like me can understand.
"Then check and change the Configuration and Properties as necessary with respect to the mic-in port that you are using. Look carefully: sometimes you need to go a bit deeper into the screens and that is not always real apparent."


Best solution

September 10, 2016 12:07:14 PM

First of all you are not considered as a "peasant".

You must coordinate the physical microphone port connection, the recording device (microphone), the software drivers, and the necessary configuration settings for the microphone to work.

It can be confusing and sometimes the process goes in circles. Or seems to as you can get to the same settings/configuration window in different ways.

In the screens [Ses] [kayit]

are small boxes (Configuration and Properties) that when clicked or right-clicked lead you to more tabs, buttons, settings, and configuration options. Sort of boxes inside of boxes.

You have to select the settings that match your physical connections. If the microphone is plugged into the dedicated one SupremeFX Formula 2014 motherboard port then that audio device (the SupremeFX) must be selected as the recording device for your microphone to work. Plus the drivers must be installed for the SupremeFX 2014.

Work your way through the recording devices selecting them one by one. Make sure that that playback device is enabled. While doing so keep talking. Hopefully you see the little light blue horizontal bars on the right brighten and move up and down with your voice. Then you will know that you have found the microphone connection.

Then scroll further down into properties. You will find more tabs and choices. Read all of the screens carefully and just explore at first.
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