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My Youtube Uploads Are Acting Up, Quality-Wise

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June 4, 2016 1:19:29 PM

My Youtube uploads have been acting fine, or so I thought, until recently. Normally, I would open up Bandicam, record for a few hours, edit it with Movie Studio 12, encode with H.264 Encoder, and then upload to youtube at 720p 60hz. The last video I know, that did that, was an unlisted one. One that I made and uploaded for a friend. It's still 720p 60hz, but all of my recent videos (to my knowledge) have been uploading in 2 qualities: 360p and 720p 30hz. The confusing part is that I record in, and edit and render it in, 1080p 60hz, most notably my latest video, "Just A Test, Please Ignore," but it's still those two qualities listed earlier. At first I thought it was Shadowplay, because I had recently switched to that from Bandicam, but upon further inspection it looks like all of the videos of the previous week have had this treatment, and the Fallout 1 videos were livestreamed with OBS. I also took one of my intros, made entirely with Movie Studio 12, and uploaded that and got the same thing. I want to start recording for Youtube again but I want the best quality I can give, and not the best quality Youtube gives to me.

I also tried viewing the video while signed out, and since all of my attempts were over Unlisted videos I posted a public test, the "Just A Test, Please Ignore" video I mentioned earlier. If someone could help me I would appreciate it a lot.

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June 4, 2016 1:33:37 PM

I think I found the issue. I went into Incognito mode in Chrome, and viewed my Test video, and it's 1080 60. I went through the big extensions that change Youtube, Magic Action and ImproveTube, and I found it was Magic Action. I also went through the settings of Magic Action, and found that it was specifically Speed Booster that was causing the problem. I'll probably miss that feature, but it gives me peace of mind knowing my youtube videos don't look like poop.

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June 4, 2016 1:39:28 PM

Try to watch the videos with edge/iexplorer ,happened to me as well some time ago with chrome where you would not be able to even choose higher res. I guess it looks at your internet connection and if it's bad it limits the choices.
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