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Msi Laptop screen goes black

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May 4, 2016 12:24:53 AM

Ok so basically i have some hardware and software knowledge of pc.and i tried my best to solve this be patient and go through this thread.and please give me some solution...

1)some times it doesn't start-fan is working but no hdd light
2)when i manage to start,after some time it goes black-so i tried to put in sleep mode and started again,at tht time it works again,but after sometime it goes black again
3) some times at login screen after sleep mode my screen's resolution goes low(1367* to 640*)

What i did:
1)i already tried removing all power suply and use all bios battery,but tht just work some times and e1 after successfull boot,after some time it goes black
2)i checked ram
3)my laptop's gpu and cpu temp is under controlled (42-70)e1 while gaming
4)removed gpu driver, reinstalled
5)reinstalled os
6)power management 100% under power option
7)i gave lappy to 1 tech guy near me he tried to reflow but it doesn't work(or may be he didn't tried and just puted some thermal paste,dnt wry I already asked for refund,his making me fool by saying i changed your gpu...)so i am planning to give my lappy to another store,but before that if u guys have any idea or suggestions that i could use,it would be awesome,

Btw tht tech guy took 140$ for gpu reflow and 4weeks,so be aware
(computer world

And ya
8) i tried to learn English grammar..:) 

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Best solution

May 4, 2016 6:32:13 AM

Try a different hard drive not just a new operating system setup on the old one. If that does not work, when you said you checked the RAM, did you run one RAM stick at a time for a while or try different RAM or just did a memtest run on it? Memtest is good but does not catch all issues, even if it tells you the RAM is good, it may still not be working properly in your system.

Outside of that, sounds like the video card or motherboard is bad. Trying the reflow thing does not always work, and can make things worse.
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