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Some keys on my laptop have stopped working after Windows 10 update (ASUS 1225b) - Page 2

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November 26, 2015 10:31:44 AM

So I was having this problem my "delele" key, right arrow key, and numbers 4,5,6 stopped working after Windows 10 updated, and I found this quick fix on the internet: Windows + Space, it solved my problem, hope it helps.

Note: My pc is a Asus K550JX
December 5, 2015 8:42:34 AM

I had somebody check their system because the key board did not work after the Windows 10 update.

The Filter Keys was on.
To fix:
1) Select the windows button (bottom left corner)
2) Click Settings
3) Ease of access
4) Click Keyboard in the left menu
5) Ensure filter keys are turned off.
December 9, 2015 2:36:46 PM

Not sure if you've found a solution yet, but after fighting ALL Morning with this issue, I stumbled upon a solution which worked for me. I had tried everything recommended on the Microsoft Windows 10 forums, and finally I was checking to find if I had missed any software updates that might have resolved the issue and...
There it was, in the bottom right corner of my screen (task bar?); the letters ENG. I hovered over it and it showed I was in the Canadian Multilingual English Keyboard. I clicked on that and had the option of changing my keyboard to US English, which I did. Even though I had reset the language several times through Settings, I was still getting that darned accented E every time I typed ?, and goofy quotation marks not showing up.
But resetting from the ENG icon in the lower right corner of my task bar worked.
I switch screens all the time and perhaps accidentally reset that? I don't know, but it sure is great to be able to question things again!
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December 26, 2015 4:27:46 PM

I know there are alot of various scenarios but we all seem to be having a similar issue. The keyboards are losing functionality after the update. But if you research online, this is not just a Windows 10 upgrade issue. Laptops, especially ASUS, have been reported as having these same exact issues as far back as 2009 in other version of Windows. It always seems the ATK kit files are said to contain the fix, or we have to manually run the hcontrol.exe, or do many of the things i just read in this thread. But frankly this is still a bunch of BS that needs to be resolved and I say ASUS AND Microsoft are to blame as there are protocols that are followed when releasing new versions of Windows and PC/Laptop manufacturers are supposed to be on top of these things. ASUS laptop users have complained of these very issues even in Windows 7 and I know for a fact Win dows 8 and 8.1 screwed my keyboard up this same way on my ASUS X200MA. It's just ridicuous. And I read a user posting that ASUS says they have to refresh their installation back to factory. What a crock of B.S. If I were to take a guess at who is at fault here I would say it's ASUS for not providing Microsoft the fixed driver version for Windows update servers. Microsoft isn't going to test ASUS products to determine their drivers are working. They are likely gonna trust ASUS has done the legwork and made sure it was ready. Regardless, shame on both of them as this issue has been taking place as I said, since 2009. And I think the same problem takes place. The faulty driver updates reside on Microsoft servers and the moment we install a prior version of a driver that corrects the problem, We have Windows update chimimg in with the faulty updraded driver version. Turn of the Windows Update Service I guess. But in Win 10 I cannot find an option that prevents auto update. But I will stop the WUPDT service via task managr if need be. This issue really is a joke. None of the solutions have solved my keyboard problems yet. I'm really P'ssd Off about this. Because I may just have to be the one who reset' back to the factory image. And I can't trust that will even work. I'll use a key mapping utility before I do that. Total idiots at MS and ASUS. Lazy bumbs
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