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Some programs just won't open!

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January 25, 2015 2:00:43 PM

Sorry, this is my first thread, so I don't really know what to put in terms of information, but I'll try to explain what happened.

After installing some shady program, I instantly knew something was wrong, and before I could open Malwarebytes, a screenlock virus got into my computer and displayed the generic "FBI, child pornography" virus. I turned off my computer and then rebooted it. I then opened up Malwarebytes and was able to exterminate the virus, Trojan.Agent.ED. A while after the virus was gone, I checked some of my programs to see if they would work. I opened up CCleaner, and it wouldn't open. I opened up Adobe Photoshop, and it wouldn't open. From suspicion, I checked the Task Manager and looked at the list of processes, and the program was there, but it wouldn't ever show itself on the desktop. So after a bit of inspection, I realized that if I opened a program, it would start the boot, and then almost immediately stop at a determined memory usage point. (Ex. I opened Photoshop and the memory usage gets stuck at 8,090 everytime with 0 CPU usage). I have done a System Restore before, but it always seems to come back some way or another. This is extremely annoying, I need some help with this please!

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January 25, 2015 2:24:11 PM

Your programs may be running just fine but their windows are not displayed. MS Photo Editor is notorious for this on Windows 7. Most programs save their window location on the screen in the registry when they are closed. If the top, left corner of the window positions the window such that it isn't displayed then it doesn't show on the monitor. For example, suppose you have a display setting of 800 X 600 and the top, left corner is positioned at 900, 700. Then the window would be off the monitor toward the bottom right corner. That's just an example. It could be anywhere. Even negative coordinates will do it if they are large enough to leave the bottom right corner of the window off of screen.

So you might play with your monitor resolution to see if you can find the window and then drag it back onto the monitor and close the program. When you open it again it should show up. But it's possible that the malware made the coordinates so far off the screen that they are beyond your maximum resolution. In that case, this won't work but it's easy enough to try. Just open one of the programs and then right click on the desktop and adjust the monitor resolution to the maximum. Obviously, if you are already running the monitor at maximum resolution this won't help.

It's also possible the malware infected the problematic programs and they just aren't running as they should. You might be able to solve the malware problem yourself but it can be a long and tedious process. If you want to try it yourself, try these guys. Go to the following link and be sure to read the first "sticky" post at the forum before you proceed: Tech Support Guy

Another option would be to do your restore but if the backup contains the infected programs you'll just be putting them back in place.

Another option is to take it to a shop. They deal with these kind of problems all the time and can more than likely clean it up for you.

January 25, 2015 3:17:37 PM

I'm fairly certain that the malware is out of the computer at this point, but the error is still here. I'm also pretty certain that it's not a monitor issue, the program doesn't fully load so it doesn't show anywhere, it just stays at a limited memory point.

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January 26, 2015 9:53:02 AM

I feel u,
I had the same issue with Malwares,

A freind of mine tricked me with his Flash drive..all the malwares spread to my pc and they kept cleaning off my desktop icons and destroying my programs..
After removing them i noticed all My start menu programs werent there,
Even cmd.exe was unable to open and it was really a hard time..I couldnt find proper restore point so no use..
I suddenly Formatted my PC and reinstalled windows.. and upgraded few stuff and now i am finally good and fresh..i was thinking to becarefull next time.
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