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Laptop (Lenovo Y50, 860m) simply refuses to use dedicated card no matter what?

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October 12, 2014 12:56:11 AM

Okay I've been working on this laptop for about for hours now and now its almost 3 in the morning and I'm about to throw this laptop out the window.

I did a fresh install of Win8.1 and downloaded GeForce Experience and the 344.11 drivers on a 512gb SSD. My games now refuse to run on dedicated graphics. Battery power management is set to high performance. Going into NVidia control panel, I change the main GPU to NVidia but it keeps changing it back after exit. Same goes for just changing one program (ie BF3.exe).

Okay then. I uninstalled the drivers (and everything else NVidia related) and deleted the folders associated with the drivers (THRICE mind you). I used the drivers from Lenovo (version 332.50). I restarted the system multiple times, but that didn't work. I then upgraded the 332.50 to the current version (344.11) and the problem persists (so I just went in a complete circle)

To show you what I mean, I get less than 5 frames ON THE LOADING SCREEN of BF3/4. Many times the game just freezes up after that. Using MSI AfterBurner and GPU-Z, I see that the 860m is idle. The laptop is plugged in throughout my tests

Now, very rarely will the laptop decide to use the 860m. I don't know how I triggered it. I've tried everything.

Please someone save my sanity and help me out here. I didn't spend 1.3k on a laptop to get this. Thanks.

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October 16, 2014 9:11:44 AM

Hello today i had the same issue. If i run Render.DrapFPS 1 i see at the campaing 140fps at the starting videos but at the loading screen and in the game i get 5fps (same for multiplayer) also when i play counter strike go i get stuttering in game: it's not like a gt860m wouldn't be able to handle it i guess. And yes i also did a clean install only not on a SSD.
October 16, 2014 12:51:47 PM

Did you install the standard Nvidia drivers for desktop cards, or the drivers specifically for switchable graphics?
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